500 Random Dialogue Questions

Randomly generated question list. Refresh the page for different questions.

Question List
Where do I generally have an attitude of superiority? HDIFAT?
Do I cry rarely, occasionally, or easily? HDIFAT?
HDIF at those times when you are passive and uninvolved?
In large groups, do I feel better introducing other people or being introduced? HDIFAT?
Does our ability to have children make a difference in our lovemaking? HDIFAT?
When have we affected another couple by sharing our story? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you smile at me?
In what ways am I afraid to look ahead? HDIFAT?
When was the last time we did something crazy? HDIFAT?
How well do I think my people trust me? HDIFAT?
How well do I forgive me people when they ask for it? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I stop doing something I want to do because other people are watching?
What, if anything, causes unnecessary stress and complication in my / our life? HDIFAT?
Have I been critical or accepting of you this week? HDIFAT?
What is a meaningful sacrifice for me to make that will enrich my spiritual life? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I make the decision to love and have sex when I do not want to?
Do I know when to say nothing? HDIFAT?
What area of my prayer life do I need to work on? HDIFAT?
How did you learn the facts of life? HDIFAT?
What power do I see in our prayer? HDIFAT?
What are some of the most tranquil times we spend together? HDIFAT?
What is the most difficult emotion / feeling I have shared with you recently? HDIFAT?
We could improve the way we make decisions by _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about the person, Jesus, and how does this affect us?
When I am away from you, what am I most likely to do to keep from missing you? HDIFAT?
Could I live without TV for a day? For a week? For a month? Forever? HDIFAT?
Do I give our family the attention it deserves? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my state of health? Do I take it for granted?
What good thing happened to me today? HDIFAT?
HDIF when it has been a long time since we made love?
HDIF about my office dress code?
My fondest dream for you since we experienced the weekend is _____. HDIFAT?
What has kept me from being completely honest before now? HDIFAT?
After a fight: Who blamed who and when? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way you handle money?
What part of I COR 13 reminds me most of myself? HDIFAT?
HDIF about dining out?
Can I recognize when you are under stress? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I must deal with someone who is very assertive?
How do I show my love for my people? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way you behave around my friends?
Forgive us our sins as we forgive other people. When I pray this, HDIF?
HDIF about our financial responsibility?
If I am not junk, then what am I? HDIFAT?
How well do I accept criticism? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my job?
Do we use the key to marital success? HDIFAT?
How is today's society influencing our family? HDIFAT?
Our child has a special talent. HDIFAT?
HDIF when someone reaches out to us?
Obedience belongs to us - results belong to God. HDIFAT?
What is the most embarrassing thing I have ever said? HDIFAT?
Do my selfish desires create obstacles in my relationship with God? HDIFAT?
Do I tell my people I love them enough? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you cry?
HDIF when I tell you your hair looks great?
How can I be an inspiration to our family during Lent? HDIFAT?
How well do I trust you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you show your love for me in front of other people?
When have I not listened to you lately? HDIFAT?
Is our love for each other stronger today than yesterday? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we see something we want but cannot afford?
What do I most need from you when I am trying to get through a difficult situation? HDIFAT?
HDIF telling _____ about our problems?
HDIF when we have unexpected company?
Joseph and Mary are at our front door. Do we have room? HDIFAT?
Describe my idea of a perfect romantic evening, start to finish. HDIFAT?
What are my dreams for us? HDIFAT?
What is my favorite way of wasting time? HDIFAT?
When our dialogue is stale and flat, are we living the World's Plan? HDIFAT?
Do I / we ever reach out to relatives? HDIFAT?
What am I willing to sacrifice to make our relationship better? HDIFAT?
How has never having children affected our life? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my spiritual growth?
What can my people do to help me understand them better? HDIFAT?
When do I feel closest to my father? HDIFAT?
How do I need to change my life? HDIFAT?
How can I reduce the level of stress in our relationship? HDIFAT?
How supportive are we of our extended family? HDIFAT?
God gave you to me. How am I treating His gift to me? HDIFAT?
Which one of us worries more about money? HDIFAT?
After a fight: Did one of us try to make the other feel guilty? Did it work? HDIFAT?
HDIF going out alone at night?
Am I holding onto any resentment, bitterness or anger toward you? HDIFAT?
After a fight: What lessons have I learned? HDIFAT?
How have we shared our relationship with others this week? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have to get up but you can sleep in?
When you withdraw into your shell, HDIF?
What divides us and causes us to become married singles? HDIFAT?
Is our sexual union a joining of our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we are inspired by another couple?
What areas in our marriage are poor? HDIFAT?
What do I value most in my life? HDIFAT?
What would I like to do before I die? HDIFAT?
HDIF about drinking champagne with you?
How do I think I ended up at my current parish or church? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you change your mind after we have agreed on something, or made a decision?
HDIF when you do something good or kind for someone else?
Am I a person of strong convictions, with a good sense of how things should be? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I get a flat tire?
HDIF when I forgive an enemy?
HDIF when I look back at things I have done?
Do we keep a scrapbook of our marital memories? Why or why not? HDIFAT?
HDIF about allowing others to help us with our problems?
Would I be willing to get professional help if our marriage was in trouble? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I first learned we were going to be parents?
HDIF about having a dog?
Do I cope with my stress alone or do I share it with you? HDIFAT?
If I had one wish, what would it be? HDIFAT?
Are we experiencing increased conflict since the children moved out? HDIFAT?
What proof is there in our life that dialogue is important to our relationship? HDIFAT?
What did my parents praise me most for? HDIFAT?
Do I react with sensitivity when others are in pain? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we spend a quiet evening together?
When do I want to be sexually involved with you? HDIFAT?
Do I have enough time to accomplish my goals? HDIFAT?
HDIF about increasing our level of sexual intimacy?
HDIF when someone (not you) laughs at my mistakes?
What was the saddest day of my life? HDIFAT?
HDIF about celebrating Easter for seven Sundays?
HDIF about the size of the family I was born into?
Would our children stand up for their faith if they were in a difficult or threatening situation? HDIFAT?
HDIF on those occasions when my family makes demands on us?
Are you trying too hard to change me? HDIFAT?
What do I like best and least about our family vacations? HDIFAT?
What is my favorite sexual fantasy? Would I like it fulfilled? HDIFAT?
What is the greatest gift my mother gave me? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way my voice sounds when it is recorded?
I am one of God's gifts to you. HDIFAT?
HDIF about my spiritual growth this Easter?
In what areas do I have difficulty putting full trust in God? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am telling you about my successes?
In what areas of our relationship do I think I am number one with you? HDIFAT?
After a fight: What tender spots were touched and when? HDIFAT?
What specifically do you do to me physically that turns me off? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my attractiveness?
What is my biggest barrier to forgiving one of my people when I feel hurt? HDIFAT?
After I forgive, do I remember the hurt or the reconciliation? HDIFAT?
What are my memories of the day we met? HDIFAT?
What changes do I need to make Faith a value? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am not thanked for going out of my way for someone?
HDIF when we are faced with too many bills?
Do I let pets sleep in my bed? HDIFAT?
HDIF about planning a family budget with you?
HDIF knowing that God has entrusted me with something special of Himself?
What effect does my not listening have on our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we can spend a quiet evening together?
HDIF about the financial situation of my parish or church?
Do I tell lies, or tell too many? HDIFAT?
It is suppertime and I have eaten too much. HDIFAT?
My skills are outdated. HDIFAT?
Are we open to God's plan? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I complete some big, unusual task around the house?
What has been the hardest experience of my life? HDIFAT?
What expectations do I have as we enter a new month? HDIFAT?
What can I do next week to help people experience more of God's love? HDIFAT?
Why do not I trust you with helping me with sex? HDIFAT?
Do I ever keep quiet because I think I have nothing worthwhile to say? HDIFAT?
I really wish I had started _____ earlier in life. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I hear myself say things my mother or father said?
HDIF when I see you working too many hours?
HDIF about my reaction toward sex?
Have any of my dreams come true? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see the house in a mess?
Do I prefer casual clothes or dressing up? HDIFAT?
Where do I believe God has called us in ministry as a couple? HDIFAT?
What beauty do I see in my people? HDIFAT?
What couple has most affected our life? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see you after a long day?
HDIF about us participating in competitive sports? When we win? When we lose?
Do I ever put off doing things to avoid discomfort? HDIFAT?
Does absence from my people make my heart grow fonder for them? HDIFAT?
Love is patient, love is kind. How does this apply to our family? HDIFAT?
Our dialogue can be a way we say yes to each other. HDIFAT?
Is my faith growing or dying? HDIFAT?
My favorite time with God is _____. HDIFAT?
Are there hurts between us that need to be healed before our relationship can grow? HDIFAT?
What is my reaction to Mary's yes to God? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the steady, routine parts of my day?
HDIF when others want me to take risks?
Do I argue with my people to win, or to work out something in our relationship? HDIFAT?
How does our support group enhance our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF inviting couples like us into Encounter / Retrouvaille?
HDIF about the way our children are reacting to our values?
What foods do I like the best? HDIFAT?
What gets me out of the mood? HDIFAT?
HDIF after we had experienced the weekend, but before we left the facility?
What does it mean to me to experience joy? HDIFAT?
When I am busy, am I really accomplishing anything? HDIFAT?
We have no telephone. HDIFAT?
Whom have I failed to love today? HDIFAT?
Lately, have I accepted your emotions / feelings, merely tolerated them, or rejected them? HDIFAT?
Do I ague with you to win, or do I argue to work out something in our relationship? HDIFAT?
This week, what have I avoided talking to you about? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I hear of a death?
I see God smiling down on us as we make love. HDIFAT?
HDIF about us as a family?
HDIF when you want to leave an event and I am not ready to go?
Can I program a computer? HDIFAT?
When I consider our financial condition, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
Do I ever care of others at the expense of my own needs? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I share an uncomfortable emotion / feeling with you?
Change makes me feel _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when we argue because we remember things differently?
When I talk with deeply religious people, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
Which of our possessions enhance our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we are near, but cannot be with each other for several hours?
HDIF when rumors hurt my reputation?
Describe a time when I felt puzzled. HDIFAT?
What do I think of Jesus as a person? HDIFAT?
What song can bring tears to my eyes? HDIFAT?
Did we suffer from Post Wedding Blues? HDIFAT?
HDIF realizing that my attitudes and judgments have caused us pain?
When have I felt alone this spring? HDIFAT?
What would be my idea of a dream job? HDIFAT?
HDIF knowing this could be your last day to live?
HDIF watching the children open Christmas gifts?
HDIF having you to share special times with?
How have we been judgmental of our people? HDIFAT?
Do I thank God for my life every day? HDIFAT?
Our dog's barking is going to disturb the neighbors. HDIFAT?
When do I feel most loved? HDIFAT?
HDIF about eternity?
HDIF about sleeping in the nude?
Where am I with you and God today? HDIFAT?
What was our favorite song when we were courting, and HDIF remembering or hearing it?
HDIF about visiting an arts and craft fair with you?
Recently I thought it was wrong, unreasonable or selfish of you to say _____. HDIFAT?
Where did I put dialogue on my list of priorities this week? HDIFAT?
What is it about our charism of healing that calls other people? HDIFAT?
What is the hardest thing I have done physically? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you say, I told you so?
More people would learn from their mistakes if they were not so busy denying them. HDIFAT?
HDIF about giving and receiving the sign of peace?
Is there anything I did this week that I regret? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the division of decision-making between us?
HDIF when activities take the place of our lovemaking?
HDIF when I smile?
How have we come closer to Jesus through suffering? HDIFAT?
HDIF when a couple says yes, they want or need to experience the weekend?
HDIF when I have a list of phone calls to make?
HDIF about widening our circle of friends?
HDIF when I am able to go beyond my anger and reach out to you?
HDIF about reminding a friend to return something recently borrowed?
HDIF about the values our children are choosing?
Which of life's pleasures do I enjoy the most? HDIFAT?
When God made me, what were His dreams for me? HDIFAT?
Do I do my best to give you more than you expect? HDIFAT?
Do I tear you down in order to build myself up? HDIFAT?
It is difficult for me to listen to God when _____. HDIFAT?
What kind of parent do I want to be? HDIFAT?
Is St. Valentine's Day special to me or just another day? HDIFAT?
What is the most sentimental possession I have? HDIFAT?
Do we walk together, or does one of us try to show the other the way? HDIFAT?
HDIF about receiving gifts?
HDIF when a new situation comes up that conflicts with my plans?
Do I want a deeper relationship with my people, or do I think it is deep enough? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I witness a marriage?
HDIF about waving to children on school busses?
HDIF when I fix your supper?
What did I accomplish today? HDIFAT?
In any change, there is tension. HDIFAT?
HDIF about the love I bring to our family?
Considering my upbringing, what should I repeat with our children? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see you behaving tenderly with our children?
HDIF at those times when I come on a little too strong with people?
Do I really believe that our love is God's love? HDIFAT?
HDIF when some other interest seems more important to you than I do?
HDIF when I am telling you about my failures?
HDIF when our lovemaking is interrupted?
If I were an animal, I would choose to be a _____. HDIFAT?
Are we keeping our New Year's resolutions? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are driving very fast?
What comfort do I still remember from someone who has passed away? HDIFAT?
HDIF at those times when I am sidetracked by self-doubt?
HDIF when I attract attention to myself?
Do I want to fit in or stand out? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am naked in front of you?
Which of life's pleasures do I cherish most? HDIFAT?
Do we have real love or just romantic love? HDIFAT?
Do I pride myself in not starting fights with you? HDIFAT?
What values of mine differ from yours? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am about to reveal something to you?
When do I get the most out of talking about us? HDIFAT?
Do I expect you to read my mind? HDIFAT?
What is most likely to result when I cry? HDIFAT?
Do I use my time wisely? HDIFAT?
What is my favorite childhood memory? Why? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we talk about unresolved conflicts in our marriage?
HDIF when there is not enough time for us?
What did not I do today that I wish I had? HDIFAT?
What am I doing to promote Christian unity right where I am? HDIFAT?
Do I ever feel God present and working in our marriage? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are still not home and the weather is bad?
What have we done this week to help do God's work? HDIFAT?
Do I need to forgive someone else so I can love you more? HDIFAT?
Have there been happy moments I should have enjoyed more? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you call me just to say you love me?
When working on a big project, am I more likely: to start at the beginning and take it step by step - start with the end and work my way back - or dive in somewhere in the middle? HDIFAT?
Is our relationship ready for the Lord? HDIFAT?
What has dialogue taught you about your relationship with your spouse? HDIFAT?
What one possession do I want most and cannot have? HDIFAT?
Do I accept feedback from you? HDIFAT?
What are my expectations of you as a wife? HDIFAT?
What is my least favorite household chore? HDIFAT?
To keep our marriage fresh, am I open to new ideas? HDIFAT?
Why did we get married? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have to wait all day for a delivery?
HDIF when you say, Turnabout is fair play?
HDIF when I am separated from my people?
Am I the same inside as I appear on the outside? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we ask a couple to an information night?
HDIF when I visit people in the hospital?
What special moment of the past holiday season will I always remember? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am indifferent toward you?
HDIF about getting up in the morning?
HDIF about my first name or nickname?
What do I hope for next summer, how does that affect our family and HDIFAT?
HDIF about preparing a heart-shaped meatloaf for dinner?
In what area do I most need my people's help in living my sacrament / calling? HDIFAT?
HDIF about living my daily life without to-do lists, using only my memory?
After a fight: At what point do our arguments get out of control? HDIFAT?
Who handles the money in our home? HDIFAT?
What is my favorite memory of a Christmas past? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we are separated because of my job or career?
HDIF about visiting the zoo?
How can I help you when you are under pressure? HDIFAT?
The last time you made me feel pampered was _____. HDIFAT?
Take and eat, this is my body. HDIFAT?
What is my worst habit? HDIFAT?
I am most uneasy when I think people are judging me to be _____. HDIFAT?
What do I most dislike about myself? HDIFAT?
HDIF about death?
HDIF when we do not get to see special friends for a long time?
Intimacy is a challenge for us. HDIFAT?
If I were to receive a huge sum of money, how would I be changed by it? HDIFAT?
Do I have confidence in myself to do the big things? HDIFAT?
After a fight: Who brings up painful subjects the most often? HDIFAT?
Is Jesus Lord of our prayer life? HDIFAT?
As a parent, could you do better? HDIFAT?
What can I do to make prayer a bigger part of our life? HDIFAT?
HDIF about living one day at a time?
What am I willing to sacrifice to make my relationship with my people better? HDIFAT?
What are some of the family incidents our children will always remember? HDIFAT?
When do I nail down the lid on my emotions / feelings? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have difficulty remembering someone's name?
What stake do we have in the marriages of other people? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my self-worth as your lover?
HDIF when the actions of other people come between us?
When was the last time I really made you laugh? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we are separated?
Our Sacrament calls us to a good marriage, not just an average one. HDIFAT?
Which of my people do I look up to? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I consider what I find most attractive about you?
HDIF when I put activities before our relationship?
HDIF when I make a sacrifice knowing Jesus sacrificed for me?
Do I prefer to be an employee, an employer, or neither?
I try harder to change when I _____. HDIFAT?
What do I enjoy reading? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am get useful unsolicited advice from others?
What song most makes me think of you? HDIFAT?
How do I handle conflict? HDIFAT?
Do I really believe that emotions / feelings are neither right nor wrong? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I think you do not believe me?
How can we make this Advent a spiritual preparation for Christmas? HDIFAT?
Do I look for self-worth in possessions or activities? HDIFAT?
Do I have any recurring negative emotions / feelings? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my ability to persevere?
HDIF when you criticize me in front of other people?
Do I always have to learn by making my own mistakes? HDIFAT?
If I could change my name, what would I change it to? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have to make a difficult phone call?
HDIF realizing that you have given me the gift of being a father / mother?
HDIF sharing an unusual ability or talent with others?
Jesus will never give us more conflict than we can manage. HDIFAT?
How do I see our lifestyle when we are retired? HDIFAT?
How do I behave when my need for belonging is not being met? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see you working too many hours?
HDIF holding hands during mass or church?
What good effect has the example of your parents' relationship had on ours? HDIFAT?
What part of my body do I judge to be sexually exciting to you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about both of us working outside the home?
Which is harder: admitting it when I am hurt, or asking you for forgiveness? HDIFAT?
How does success affect my self-image? HDIFAT?
Do I consider myself smoothly diplomatic or brutally honest? HDIFAT?
Does TV have a negative or positive effect on my life? HDIFAT?
When I start feeling lonely, I _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about our minister / priest / pastor?
Do I close my eyes to my people's faults? HDIFAT?
What is my attitude toward punishment and HDIFAT?
What is my strongest emotion / feeling about money? HDIFAT?
As a child, did I ever run away from home? HDIFAT?
What can we do to keep our marriage alive and growing? HDIFAT?
I am turned off by people who _____. HDIFAT?
Do I pray with my people enough? HDIFAT?
HDIF when some job or activity separates us?
HDIF when I am frightened (or not frightened) by death?
How do I behave when I am wrong? HDIFAT?
HDIF about being part of a sharing or support group?
What kept me from making the most of this past weekend? HDIFAT?
Do I push others in my desire for power? HDIFAT?
How important is spoken communication to our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF telling _____ about my problems?
HDIF when we look at our wedding album?
HDIF about jaywalking? When other people jaywalk?
HDIF about asking you to help me listen better?
Do I judge our success by how many possessions we have? HDIFAT?
Do we enjoy learning about new things together? HDIFAT?
What can I do to make our relationship stronger? HDIFAT?
HDIF enjoying the present versus anticipating what lies just ahead?
HDIF about my relationship with God?
What kind of compliment is hardest for me to accept from you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you kiss me at night?
HDIF about discussing our sex life?
HDIF about losing? Do I make excuses?
How would I feel if the angel Gabriel spoke to me? HDIFAT?
Am I holding onto any resentment, bitterness or anger toward my father? HDIFAT?
What does graduation mean to me? HDIFAT?
Describe a time when I felt sad. HDIFAT?
What issue do we have facing us that I have not shared my emotions / feelings with you about? HDIFAT?
HDIF when our sacrament is a sign of love to others?
Whom do I need to remember today in prayer? HDIFAT?
Is marriage a covenant or a contract? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I find a love note from you?
What am I doing to bring joy to our relationship? HDIFAT?
What need of mine am I most aware of as needing to be nourished? HDIFAT?
What I want you to remember most about me is _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I give in too easily and let others push me around?
I like to look at you when _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about venerating the cross on Good Friday?
HDIF about dining out or having a picnic together?
How can I tell when you are nervous? HDIFAT?
When did I make the decision to love you lately? HDIFAT?
What do I think you find difficult to tell me? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I cannot relax at home?
What two adjectives best capture the real me? HDIFAT?
How have I been separate from my people lately? HDIFAT?
Do I let my low self-esteem get in the way of letting you love me? HDIFAT?
HDIF when other people look me in the eye?
Do I see myself in our children? HDIFAT?
Do I consider myself successful? HDIFAT?
What do I see in God that makes me love Him? HDIFAT?
What new activity or interest could I make space for in my life? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am away from you?
Where did I put dialogue on my list of priorities today? HDIFAT?
Have I ever bought a present for someone, then kept it for myself? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I hear of a new birth?
HDIF about contributing five percent of our income to charity?
What topics do we talk least about? HDIFAT?
Something bothering me about our relationship is _____. HDIFAT?
What can I do to make the holiday season less materialistic? HDIFAT?
I see my people as very special because _____. HDIFAT?
Do I fear God? HDIFAT?
God has faith in you. He proved it by giving you life. HDIFAT?
What are the things that I / we have that money cannot buy? HDIFAT?
HDIF when one of our children says, I love you?
What kinds of compliments have I received most often as an adult? HDIFAT?
What mask (personality style) did I wear today? HDIFAT?
Lately, how much have we talked together about sex? HDIFAT?
HDIF knowing we are not promised a tomorrow?
This is the start of a new year with new possibilities. HDIFAT?
God trusts me to reveal the unique facet of Him that I possess. HDIFAT?
HDIF about our children needing Encounter / Retrouvaille someday?
Recently, I thought it was wrong, unreasonable, thoughtless or selfish of you to say _____. HDIFAT?
In what areas do I find it most difficult to reach out to you? HDIFAT?
Do I laugh frequently or rarely? HDIFAT?
Do I see myself more in terms of what I do, or more in terms of what I am? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I hurry to answer the phone and it is only a solicitor?
Our separate interests are drawing us apart. HDIFAT?
HDIF about our sexual relationship right now?
The one thing I admire and love the most about you is _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when you say, Please forgive me?
Is it difficult or easy for me to forgive those who have done me wrong? HDIFAT?
What price am I paying right now for our financial situation? HDIFAT?
Is there one thing you could begin doing, or stop doing, that would help our relationship? HDIFAT?
Do we let our light shine? HDIFAT?
Do I think life is fair? HDIFAT?
What dream do I have for Encounter / Retrouvaille in our region? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am competing for something?
This is the start of a new year with new possibilities. HDIFAT?
What is the most difficult emotion I have had to share with you recently? HDIFAT?
Do I walk together with my people, or merely try to show them the way? HDIFAT?
What gift have you given me in the past year that I have really appreciated? HDIFAT?
What was the greatest change, for me, after experiencing the weekend? HDIFAT?
Do I accept your ambitions? Do I think you accept mine? HDIFAT?
Where do I have an attitude of inferiority? HDIFAT?
If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would I go, and why? HDIFAT?
How would your children describe me as a husband or wife? HDIFAT?
How would I feel working under someone who is always kind but not so fair? HDIFAT?
HDIF about going to mass or church as a family?
What happens when I let emotions / feelings take control over me? HDIFAT?
After a fight: Did one of us bully the other? HDIFAT?
HDIF when illness strikes close to home?
Am I content with what I have? HDIFAT?
HDIF about celebrating Christ's birth?
How well do I accept criticism from you? HDIFAT?
Do I like our home the way it is? HDIFAT?
If I could be remembered either as having an agile mind or a caring heart, which would it be? HDIFAT?
HDIF when my superior does not share their plans with me?
What would I like you to do so I can better understand you? HDIFAT?